Friday, August 6, 2010

Learning the art of the fly

Traveling around BC in her Westphalia, Susan and her golden lab, Sunshine stopped by the Lodge for a few days. Susan was determined to learn fly fishing.

lower inset:
Reviewing tackle & fly fishing basics

upper inset:
Susan in waders landing a rainbow with the help of Sunshine.

"Doc" Susan was a good student. By the time she moved on to new waters, she was a "certified" flyfisher, having caught, landed and released many trout.

In fact, we caught so many trout that we shared some with the Eagle and kept a few for the frying pan.

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  1. We had a grand time. Sunshine sorely missed her rowdy playtime with Lou. I kept plugging away with the fishing, but couldn't match the success I had at Omineca. I've caught the bug, however ( wish the trout would do the same). Thanks again for a great few days. It looks like I missed quite the party with the family even that followed.

    I'll stay in touch,