Monday, August 9, 2010

BC Day Party 2

Yes, it was heck of a party. Some of the group activities undertaken were swimming, fishing, dog training, target shooting and some dedicated loafing. It was the first time that I received a dozen roses for my birthday and it's something I could get used to. It made me feel very special.

I think I'll take this opportunity to hand-out a few awards:

Most Gear for Two People: Marian and John
(Although they did bring their own outboard and never ran out of beer)

Mermaid Award: Bailey, Kallie and Teneal
(Most hours spent in water)

Best Nephews: Sebastian and Harrison

Most Heavily Armed Guest: Wes
(brought his rifle, bow and a few kitchen knives)

Most Flamboyant Party Shirt: Doug
(no footnote necessary)

BC Day Party 1

Although I officially achieved "old-timer" status in May, my sisters Marian and Christine wanted to organize a 50th Birthday party for me on the BC Day Long Weekend.

So last weekend we hosted one of the biggest groups we've ever had at the Lodge. Total was 20 humans including one-year old future-guide, Will and 3 dogs.

I want to thank everyone for coming. I had great time and as the "complaint box" was empty, I can only assume "a good was had by all".

The weather was perfect as were the grits and the party organizing. Everybody contributed but special thanks to Marian, Christine, Jill and Chef Wes.

Wes brought pork ribs (which he smoked) and a cooler full of organically-raised venison. He kept us in finger-lickin' ribs, burgers and steaks all weekend.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Holiday Romance

Helge-Mari and her friend Pål Erik from Norway came to Omineca this Spring. They were with us for a hunting trip.

Among many other things, Helge-Mari is a scent dog trainer, so she's met many dogs in her life. But when she met Lou, our black lab, it was something special. Dare I say, it was love at first sight.

They do look so happy together.

We're hoping to see them together again very soon.

If you can read Norwegian, Helge-Mari has posted photos and the story of her Canadian Adventure in Omineca.

Learning the art of the fly

Traveling around BC in her Westphalia, Susan and her golden lab, Sunshine stopped by the Lodge for a few days. Susan was determined to learn fly fishing.

lower inset:
Reviewing tackle & fly fishing basics

upper inset:
Susan in waders landing a rainbow with the help of Sunshine.

"Doc" Susan was a good student. By the time she moved on to new waters, she was a "certified" flyfisher, having caught, landed and released many trout.

In fact, we caught so many trout that we shared some with the Eagle and kept a few for the frying pan.