Monday, August 9, 2010

BC Day Party 1

Although I officially achieved "old-timer" status in May, my sisters Marian and Christine wanted to organize a 50th Birthday party for me on the BC Day Long Weekend.

So last weekend we hosted one of the biggest groups we've ever had at the Lodge. Total was 20 humans including one-year old future-guide, Will and 3 dogs.

I want to thank everyone for coming. I had great time and as the "complaint box" was empty, I can only assume "a good was had by all".

The weather was perfect as were the grits and the party organizing. Everybody contributed but special thanks to Marian, Christine, Jill and Chef Wes.

Wes brought pork ribs (which he smoked) and a cooler full of organically-raised venison. He kept us in finger-lickin' ribs, burgers and steaks all weekend.

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