Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life is Good

The Omineca Wilderness Adventures Video Trailer.
A series of moments in the life of Omineca set to great song by Bob Egan.
The video concept was by Geoff. Geoff, Jill and myself edited the video from stock in the Omineca Video Archives. At the start the music is a bit quiet. So, Crank it and enjoy.

THANKS BOB! - Bob Egan’s “Honest Night” and the Omineca Video Trailer.
Geoff and I had been talking about making a video. Something that captured the Omineca experience and used some of the great footage we’ve gathered over the years. But that’s as far as we got. Then one cold January night Geoff went to see Bob Egan play in Williams Lake BC. Promptly blown-away, at the show, Geoff bought Bob’s album “The Promise”. “The Promise” is a classic album, great songs in a wide range of styles. Bob is a master studio musician and songwriter. He has been a member of Wilco and now is the steel guitar player for Blue Rodeo.

When Geoff heard “Honest Night” from “The Promise” he knew it had to be the soundtrack for the Omineca Video we’d been planning. So Geoff presented his concept to Jill and I, then he got the “OK” from Bob Egan to use the song and it was all over but the shouting. It’s a classic song: elements of traditional, pop and rock & roll, spectacular writing, exquisite playing and production and an ecstatic, finger-pickin’ crescendo with guitars, mandolins and violins. One of the violin players on the track is Ashley MacIsaac’s sister, Lisa. Contact Bob.
Bob Egan.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Early Season Fishing

Rob and Frank go Brook Trout Fishing

Beautiful weather. We’ll be opening Omineca Lodge in a week. Busy preparing for the season but Rob and I found time to do a walk-in fishing trip in Eskers Park just north of Prince George.

It was my first time there so Rob was the guide. Strapped on our float tubes and walked 45 min. to a beautiful lake. The trout were rising as we geared up.

A swell day of fishing. We both hooked and caught many fish. Rainbows and Brook Trout. Biggest was about 14 inches.

I caught my first Brook Trout ever and first on the dry. I fished the last half of the day dry-only. Thanks, Guide.

Critter count: One Big Black Bear, Loons, Red-headed Woodpecker and Scarlett Tanager.

Saw the Space Station, low over the south in the twillight, as we packed the truck.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

2009 Season - Omineca Lodge Opening Soon

Welcome to our Blog. I'm Frank Badey, owner/operator of Omineca Wilderness Adventures. The Omineca Crew and I will be opening the Lodge in the first week of June. We operate the Omineca Lodge from June until October. The Lodge is a one hour drive from Fort St. James BC.

We are a full service lodge: rustic gourmet meals and comfortable private guest cabins. We offer Fly Fishing Lessons, Wildlife Viewing and Photography, Camping, Canoeing and Kayaking. Retreats and Adventures for Friends, Families and Groups.

Come and join us this summer. We've got a place by the campfire for you.