Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, Two Fish Lake, Gem of Omineca

Some places are extra special and this lake is one those special places.

The water is clear, the view is idylic and the lake is full of trout.

It's a place that whispers "come back" every time you leave.

Welcome Back Boys

Jeff (left), Stan and Tom (seated) brought Doc Ken (center) along for the July Trip this season. And as usual, we had a whale of a time.

We had good wine and good fun but we were a bit lonely for the missing crew members. So here's hoping everyone can make it next: Peter, Al, Robin and maybe even Geoff.

Let's keep the tradition alive.

Lake is Summer Getaway for Many Species

Howdy y'all. The dry heat of the last few weeks broke today. And we had a really good rain.

Here's a photo Doc Ken took of a cow moose and calf during the heat wave.
Cooling off in the lake are Mrs. Moose and her calf of the spring. The little gaffer would be about two and a half months old. By the fall the calf will lose the reddish coat it sports here and gain a brown/grey colour like Ma.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Eagles are Following Us

Yaeko-san took this shot of one of the Eagles that nest around the lake. It's a beautiful portrait of an adult in it's prime. (The strong yellow colour of the beak and feet indicate a healthy bird) When we go fishing they will often follow our boats. The Bald Eagle adults have hungry beaks to feed. The young have hatched and are eating-machines waiting with open maws back at the nest.

We always like to help out, so we'll often take a fly-caught trout and toss it out for the Eagle. Within 20 yards of the boat, the Eagle will see the fish on the water and swoop down to grab dinner for Junior. It's a real "Wow" moment to see the Eagle's speed, grace and accuracy, up close.

Bald eagles nest and raise their young here in the BC interior during "ice-off" (the six or seven months when there is no ice on the our lake and rivers). They spend their winters on the BC coast.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old Friends Return to Omineca

Yaeko Kojima (left) and her husband, Masaharu (with camera) have been with us in Omineca so many times that we've lost count. In the last 20 years they've been here at least a dozen times. They are passionate fly-fishers, nature lovers, hikers and really fun people.
Mr. Suga (Capt. Sugar) and Taki-san (center) have joined the Kojimas on their Omineca Holidays for the last ten years.

A new adventure for them this year was a fly-out float plane trip to Indian Lake. We had some hot fishing. And we made the trip in the coolest of float planes, the Canadian-built classic, de Havilland "Beaver". We'll do a more detailed post on the famous Beaver later this summer.

We're Back (Up and Blogging ) - from the Canadian Bush

Howdy All,

Hope you're having a swell summer. Ours has been great so far. Photo is of our Canada Day (July 1st) Fireworks Campfire Party.

We've had the lodge up and running for over a month, just haven't made the time to post our adventures until now. Well, here we go.

We've hosted groups from Europe and Japan. We've done hikes, boat tours and a fly-out day trip.

Because of some good rains in May and June, everything is green and blooming. We've seen Moose all around the lake. Our neighbourhood Loon couple has hatched twin fuzzballs. The Hummingbirds have fledged their broods, so there are 6 and 8 Hummingbirds at the feeder at the same time. They're swilling sugar-water, like sailors quaffing cheap rye on shore-leave.

There's a lot going on around here.

We'll keep you posted. Cheers, Frank